Warwick Washers

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Image Manufacturer Part No. Description Price
PRI610012077 Warwick Washers PRI610012077 Coil 198 VDC 100% ED POA
PRI530020012 Warwick Washers PRI530020012 Axial Ring R10/16 POA
PRI340002051 Warwick Washers PRI340002051 Drain Valve motor gear box 220v POA
PRI503000004 Warwick Washers PRI503000004 Door Glass Seal Primus NL10 FS6-10, 6kg, 7kg, 10kg POA
PRI505000041 Warwick Washers PRI505000041 Door gasket for LN165/WN165/RS16 POA
510973 Warwick Washers 510973 Top Solenoid POA
3403806 Warwick Washers 3403806 Invertor single phase 240v 2.2kw 10a invetor driven m/cs POA
R22112000114 Warwick Washers R22112000114 Double Nipple Steam 1/2 POA
PRI340055051 Warwick Washers PRI340055051

Drain Valve 3"

Fitted to Primus, Lavmac and Warwick Washers 

Primus R, RS and FS Washers

Lavamac LN and LH Washers

Warwick WN and WH Washers 

PI516694 Warwick Washers PI516694 Computer board EC POA
PRI608000002 Warwick Washers PRI608000002 Bearing F10 large POA
PRI503000004 Warwick Washers PRI503000004 Door Gasket Small 16lb POA
PRI8064025 Warwick Washers PRI8064025 Door seal for LA50 POA
PRI610019077 Warwick Washers PRI610019077 Door Coil £155.48
PRI346000003 Warwick Washers PRI346000003 ETA Relay For Door Lock POA
PRI342030027 Warwick Washers PRI342030027 Heating Element 2 x 2000w POA
PRI347000052 Warwick Washers PRI347000052 Token mech for Primus - 12k RECTANGLE TYPE POA
PRI529575 Warwick Washers PRI529575 Door seal for FS16 New style(was 273112994945 ) POA
PRI530020013 Warwick Washers PRI530020013 Counter Ring R10/16 POA
273112001766 Warwick Washers 273112001766 Door Gasket Large POA
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